Boron Carbide
                                      Technical Ceramic Components
                                      1. Nozzles
                                      2. Seals and machinery parts
                                      3. Bulletproof armor
                                      4. Spray Gun
                                      5. Nuclear Industrial
                                      6. Others

                                      About us

                                      Structural Ceramics Products Of Boron Carbide And Silicon Carbide

                                      Because of their high hardness and strength, excellent wear and corrosion ,low density, low friction coefficient good self-lubricate and high temperature properties. Both silicon carbide and boron carbide components have been widely used in many industries such as: machinery petroleum chemical, ship, auto, aviation, aerospace , military and nuclear industry. At present , Many developed industry countries are using boron carbide and silicon carbide components to replace components made of tungsten carbide and alumina. Some of the applications are listed below: Sand blasting nozzle, Mechanical seal, Wire drawing mould, Neutron absorption block, Bulletproof vest, Armor plate. Measuring clap. Bearing, casting mould, Grinding media, Sealed washer, Slide, Sparging, Drawing, Casting, Proofing, Corrosion, Resistance, measuring, Grinding ball.
                                      Our boron carbide and silicon carbide of structural ceramics attribute to the new and high technology field. They are made of high purity fine boron carbide and silicon carbide powders specially designed equipment. We can produce a variety of products based on the requirements of customers.