Boron Carbide
                                      Technical Ceramic Components
                                      1. Nozzles
                                      2. Seals and machinery parts
                                      3. Bulletproof armor
                                      4. Spray Gun
                                      5. Nuclear Industrial
                                      6. Others

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                                      1. Straight Bore Nozzle

                                      2.Venturi Nozzle

                                      To offer a variety of sizes and shapes of the venturi nozzle, steel,aluminum, nylon and other materials jacket can be selected.

                                      Gas dynamics of venturi nozzle is better than straight-hole nozzle, the vortex is improved or ceased to exist, greatly reduced the pressure loss in the same pressure conditions. Abrasive exports increased to more than double the speed, efficiency than the straight-hole nozzle to increase 15% -40%, 20% lower abrasive consumption.

                                      3.Special products

                                      According to the needs of customers to design and produce complex shapes, high technological content of boron carbide, silicon carbide products.