Boron Carbide
                                      Technical Ceramic Components
                                      1. Nozzles
                                      2. Seals and machinery parts
                                      3. Bulletproof armor
                                      4. Spray Gun
                                      5. Nuclear Industrial
                                      6. Others

                                      About us

                                      At present, Mudanjiang Jingangzuan Boron Carbide Company is the only China’s professional enterprise in manufacturing and providing nuclear-grade boron carbide products .

                                      We produced  “Sintered Boron Carbide Pallets for Control Rods in HT Gas-cooled Reactor” for Tsing Hua University and “ Boron Carbide Rods in Fast Reactor” for China Institute of Atomic Energy, both of them  have been successfully put into operation; “ Boron Carbide Absorption Rods in Internal Structure for Analogue Experiment”  for an institute have been passed the test;  Meanwhile we’ve been also cooperating with foreign partners in HT Gas-cooled Reactor, the products have been passed evaluation.
                                      Sintered B4C Control Rod in Fast Reactor
                                      Sintered B4C Pellets for Control Rods in HTR
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